Lynne's Foot Stools

Why foot stools?

Well my first ever reupholstery job was a dressing table and the basic principles are exactly the same, just a different leg length. While not everyone has a dressing table these days, everyone can use a foot stool, and everyone deserves to put their feet up occasionally. Also, I used to care for someone who, putting his feet up was not only nice, but, physically good for his health, and he is not the only one. If I work continuously on an old foot/dressing table stool;-stripping it down, sanding, mending, painting, varnish or waxing and then recovering with the upholstery layers of webbing, hessian, foam, fire retardent calico, wadding and material, it can be done in a day. The first stool took me a weekend, under the watchful eye of Anthony Devine from "Money for Nothing" and I can thoroughly recommend going to Manchester to complete a course at his Ministry of Upholstery.

Ministery of Upholstery

Based in Manchester, Anthony Devine runs courses in Upholstery techniques. Having seen his work on BBC1's "Money for Nothing programe, Andy and I knew where we should be trained. Anthony is a great teacher, doesn't rush you and you learn from others in the group, so by the time you go home you have heard everything a dozen times and the information is routed in your head. His wife Susie, his business partner and a chalk painting expert, explained about chalk paints and showed us how to mix and use them. 

the photos to the right show the completed dressing table stools with our chosen colour and fabrics.

Both are still for sale £99 each

Any measurements needed, please ring 07791996148


{photos above - all sold except blue Bargello embriodered footstool with white legs, £60}

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      GIANT Family Footstool


      This was a BIG job! I like the idea of a family sitting down watching TV on a big U shaped sofa and all of them with their feet up on this HUGE footstool. It can hold 2 adults, so if you were having a movie night, two little-uns can easily sit on it in front of the settee and the adults will be able to see over their heads. Sturdy legs ware from a stocky sofa and the wood base was a new but surplus kitchen cupboard door. The material is a hard wearing wool weave in different blues, as it is a natural material it does have some slubs of slightly thicker wools running through it. £60

      The sizes on this are 1 Metre long, 60 cms wide, 25 inch tall and a comfy 10 cms of that is padding.