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All Items here are for sale, they may be in our unit at Jacky White's, Sunderland, or at home in Jarrow, please message us for prices and delivery on 07791996148. Please note, we give our "best price" straight away, so no haggling, but we can give a bit of discount if you are buying multiple pieces. If you don't see exactly what you want here then why not think about commissioning it? See "Commissions" section about how to do that.

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    Harry Potter monochrome paper decorates this vintage chest of drawers. With 5 drawers, this item has heaps of storage, but also heaps of personality. The side panels have the coloured shields of the various Houses. Ideal for any Potter fan. £95

    G Plan Bureau £145


    G Plan sturdy bureau with peacock feather design in silver with an up to the minute, navy blue, background. Really makes use of a spare corner as it houses a lot of storage. Can be used with fold away drawer pulled down as a desk. £145 Delivery free for 10 miles round trip, a fee can be sorted for further afield.


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        DOCTOR WHO UNIT £60


        Daleks, Cyberman and other enemies of the Doctor, as well as the Tardis's are all over this cabinet, but what is INSIDE is what's special. Inside is Tardis like, with funky, geometric style paper and a light, this glows blue, as inside is a rear light housing from a helicopter. Such an unusual item, {aquired legally}, means this cabinet is more than normal, at £60




        Tropical cocktail drinks cabinet for your glasses and 70cl bottles. The lid lifts to allow you a stage to produce your drinks, cut lemons and adorn glasses with cherries. Includes some glasses and a cocktail shaker and drinks measure. Such a beautiful piece of furniture with a muted green and medium wood colour outside but when you are open for drinks, it has a bright pop of colour with a jungle interior and an art deco type mirror. £125


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