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                                                                      Just remember 'Andyman Upcycled pieces are one offs.

                                     So if you love an item, please don't delay, let us know or it could be gone for good.

                                                                                     See it, love it, buy it or lose it.

       Speak to us about reserving a piece of furniture, or setting up a payment plan if you can't manage it all now.

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    London Calling

    What do you do with a really elegantly styled, wooden coffee table with a damaged top?

    Give it to 'Andyman Upcycling.

    Leaving the undamaged, vintage legs as the natural wood, he decided to paint the sides and edges blue and put a London themed wallpaper in monochrome and highlights of red on top. The wallpaper features the London  Underground, double decker buses, Tower Bridge, Big Ben, the London Eye and other landmarks. £70



    Harry Potter monochrome paper decorates this vintage chest of drawers. With 5 drawers, this item has heaps of storage, but also heaps of personality. The side panels have the coloured shields of the various Houses. Ideal for any Potter fan. £95


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        Art Deco Bureaux


        This Art Deco like Bureaux was a hunk of heavy, dark brown furniture that was putting people off by the colour. However, a well made mid- centuary piece of furniture like this is too good to waste. The fact that it gives you so much storage in a corner that would be wasted space is it's redeeming feature. Now its pretty as a peacock with dark blue and silver grey colouring. Sliding out, the top drawer flattens into a small writing desk. £145


        Beer mat folding card table for Man Cave

        Vintage folding card table uniquley covered in collectible beer mats. Ideal for in a Man Cave as it can be tucked away when not in use.

        Studded detail means it loks extra MANLY! £60


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            Grey Damask chest of drawers

            This old cabinet has been turned into a really useful item with lots of drawer and shelf space and a magazine rack on the side. It actually started life as two pieces of furniture. The neutral colour scheme of greys means it will fit in any room. Gloss varnish over the wallpaper means it will protect the decoration. £52

            {Second one in different wallpaper available}

            Dr. Who Unit


            Call the Doctor! You won't find anything like this in this universe, or the next. Inside is like a Tardis.




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                Fluffball chair

                If you remember the original 70's Trolls, then this is the dressing table chair for you. painted pale pink with a comfy foam seat, then a riot of fushia with pink long fur. Just needs you to run your fingers through it occasionally to mess it up again. £28

                Drinks anyone?

                Club Tropicana!!

                Vintage cabinet turned into Cocktail cabinet. At first you may think that it's just a nice piece of furniture with mid coloured wood and pretty green painted edging. But look inside to reveal a jungle! Then lift the top and you have the stage to prepare your cocktails, and a mirror to check your lippie, or check out the talent behind you. With one section for glasses, the other shelf will hold 70cl bottles of drink. 

                We are even throwing in a Cocktail shaker and some glasses, and so you don't go too mad, a single/double spirit measure.  £125


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                    Tall unit with Hollywood stars

                    A little piece of Hollywood for you. Neutral coloured Wallpaper and paint, plenty of storage, fun as well as functional. Protected with a coat of varnish.

                    £52, another available in similar colours but different paper

                    Dalek topped storage unit


                    Extermination station, this Dalek topped unit is a piece of 3 Dimentional art as well as being somewhere to store things. £75


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                        Alice themed chairs

                        Set of 3 Alice in Wonderland chairs. Classic wooden chairs, repainted, reupholstered and re-ally Wonderfull. Sold as set of 3 or individually

                        £80 for all 3 or £27 each


                        Pair of 2 leopard print folding stools


                        Straight from the 60's, these 2 chairs just needed the vinyl and foam replacing with new soft foam pad and funky fur. Pur-fect. Pair for £38


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                            Time for tea, Alice

                             Vintage country chair with The Mad Hatter's tea party on the base. Studded detail makes it a bit punky.