Past & Present Photos


  • CH24
  • CH20
  • CH54
  • CH4189818938_2476416302620510_1921030483706118144_n
  • CH43
  • CH36
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  • jeans chair1
  • Marilyn Chair2
  • Alice Chair3

We do ANTIQUE chairs,     VINTAGE chairs, FURRY chairs, ALICE chairs, SCI-FI chairs, WOODEN chairs, KIDS chairs, CONSERVATORY chairs,      FOLDING chairs, STOOLS chairs,                      ICON chairs,                    We DO chairs!!!

Some still available, see for sale section. 

Small Units

  • UN20
  • UN17
  • UN18
  • UN14
  • UN13
  • UN10
  • UN4
  • Marilyn unit4
  • Love Unit3
  • Brick Unit2
  • Side Unit1
  • Tile Unit1

Units come in a huge variety of shapes and styles. We always have at least 6 types in stock. Anything is possible. Posters work well on units but you must buy them and commission us to do the work. If you have old units, even if the insides are stained and the top scratched they could look like this after a revamp.

Side Tables

  • ST35
  • ST26
  • ST24
  • ST27
  • ST31
  • ST19
  • ST17
  • ST13
  • ST9
  • ST11
  • Giraffe Nest of Tables 10
  • ST1
  • Giraffe Nest of Tables5
  • Nest of Tables ( flowers )5
  • received_587583348834026
  • received_245195013444611

For some reason nest of tables are thought of as old fashioned, maybe because they tend to come in boring brown, but not after they have met 'AndyMan. Tables that stack away neatly until wanted are surely a clever space saver, mind when they look this good, maybe you won't want to hide them. Particularly note how "show homey" the grey rose set decorated with the same wallpaper as the walls looks so fabulous. All sold.

Sewing Units

  • SB11
  • SB9
  • SB5
  • SB3
  • SB1
  • SB6
  • received_700797230499807
  • received_586980058612217

Sewing boxes are always popular, all of these sold quickly, if you want one please let us know as we have to source them and they are not something that appears  very often. They do not need to be just for sewing either, store whatever you like in them. If you have one you want updating the photos give you ideas of possibilities.


  • SO9
  • SO7
  • SO3

Stools are relatively easy to upcycle, if you want to try something yourself, get a stool with a removeable seat pad and recover it by pulling a new piece of material tightly over it, then staple all round underneath. If the stool is pre 1988 it will need all the underneath layer replacing with foam and wadding that meets with current fire regulations. in this case it's better to bring it to an expert to do.

Foot Stools

  • FS26
  • FS22
  • FS24
  • FS16
  • FS21
  • FS14
  • FS19
  • FS1
  • FS7
  • FS11
  • FS4

Footstools, dressing table stools and piano stools are my wifes favourite projects. If you want a piano stool we need time to source one. 

If anyone knows where I can get the hedgehog print again let me know as it was our most popular material to date and I can't find any more. 

Giant, blue, family foot stool still available £60



  • T11
  • T17
  • T7
  • T23
  • ST25

Most of these are brand new and for sale, except the man cave card table and the brown one which looks like it has been stencilled in gold {we still have this wallpaper, because it is NOT stenciled}

We have decorated and revamped old dining tables but they have to be folding ones, we don't have a van, only a car.



  • C28
  • C49
  • C22
  • C18
  • C13
  • C16
  • C10
  • C7
  • C6

As we have done lots of Sci-fi events we have made lots of comic character and comic hero decorated items as commissions. 

This theme work well for 3 Dimentional art too, check out the Hulk hand seeming to punch through the oval frame. The Doctor who unit has a blue helicopter light housing inside which makes it look like the Tardis is in it. These 2 items are the reason, regretably, we now insist on deposits before starting work on commissions, as the customer let us down. The Hulk hand art is still for sale.

Big Units

  • BU8
  • BU3
  • BU28
  • COM17
  • BU12
  • COM14
  • Bureau1
  • COM61
  • BU23
  • COM21
  • COM7

Amazing how much you can put in a Citroen Belingo. This is the biggest size of furniture we can work on. The Zebra bureau, Grey and white desk, Flamingo tallboy, Brass hearts units and the Dandelion tall chest of drawers were all commissions of customers own furniture. 

Personalised Pens

  • pens9
  • pens13
  • pens10
  • pens15
  • pens12

Lynne makes these and has done for 4 decades. £4.99 each or £5.99 inc. postage and packing. Personalised with your name or club [bulk discount for say 10 with Girl Guides on} in a large range of colours they are a great little gift, especially for someone with an unusual name who never gets personalised items. Up to 12 letters can be put on a pen. Easily refillable. Order by ringing Lynne on 07989280169

Telephone Tables

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  • received_580561462868454
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  • received_302826257387366
  • received_259350528645073
  • PT2
  • PT4

Use them for what you like but we describe them as telephone tables. For in the hall where you can just dump your keys etc. when you come in, or beside the bed, or in the bathroom, wherever you put them they are a useful item of furniture. But practical doesn't need to be dull. Whatever you are into, we can put it onto a telephone table, be that Audrey, flamingoes, pineapples, Marilyn, boats, pug dogs......The list is endless.


  • Jean Mirrow Table 1
  • mannequin 12
  • Jean Mirrow 4
  • Jean Gray Table 1
  • Jeans table 5
  • Jean Mirrow 1
  • Jeans table 1
  • Jeans Bumframe
  • Jean Bottle Draw5
  • jeans chair1
  • Jean Draews1

Denim is a hard wearing material and therefore great to cover things in. We have a large stock of Denim, c/o our friend Poppy from Vintage Durham and after a collaboration with our {sadly late} friend Emma Walker from "Money for Nothing" on TV, Andy perfected the technique for keeping it stuck to whatever he wanted it stuck to.

All the above are gone but examples of the different surfaces, flat and curved that denim can alter. The table was a shiny glass one that had been chipped and scratched.