Green Credentials

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    'AndyMan UpCycling's Green Credentials, Ethics and Sustainability


    Both of us came from families who had to "make do and mend". Thrift was a necessity, waste was not allowed, this has made us appreciate what we have and use it well. We both look after our tools and the recent "throw away society" is totally alien to us. We are the sort of people who write on both sides of the paper, who use an old envelope to write a shopping list on before recycling it. We don't use single use plastic, no straws and anything coming in a plastic tray is likely to be reused for storage or as a paint tray. We have always used reusable water containers and thermal beakers rather than plastic cups. A bread bag will be reused for sandwiches, then for rubbish. Christmas wrapping is reused the next year. Worn clothes are cut up for rags. We always try to combine journeys in the car and make them dual purpose. 

    As an Upcycling business

    'AndyMan UpCycling takes Green issues seriously and makes every effort to stick to Green ethics. We USE, REUSE then RECYCLE/UPCYCLE.  We encourage others to pass on things they can't use to someone who can put it to good use, and lead by example. We use Freecycle and Gumtree sites. We buy furniture from charity shops and furniture recycling centres. We have swapped plastic bags for paper and have stopped using bubble wrap in favour of old sheets and blankets to protect the furniture when transporting it. Whenever possible we use natural products to clean, like lemon or vinegar, rather than chemical products. We can use "rubbish", for instance, our clock records use scratched records, our 3D artwork can use bits and pieces like odd jigsaw pieces or playing cards from an incomplete pack. It is important to us as a business that 'AndyMan UpCycling is sustainable and keep's our impact on the environment to a minimum.

    During Covid

    During Covid Charity shops and ourselves were shut as classed non-essential, but as everyone spent so much time in their own homes, they knew what they liked and what furniture they did NOT like. Donations and commissions were up after we reopened and as Sunderland Council helped out with grants, all the businesses in Jacky White's Market had survived. Probably helped by the fact it is easier for a small business to economise.

    Moving forward - House Clearances

    Around this time Andy was horrified to hear how much companies charged for house clearances. Unable to take large items because of only having a car, he started FREE, local house clearances. His logic was that there would always be something he could use and what he couldn't use he would probably be able to pass on, or donate to charity. Andy didn't see why someone should have to pay so much for a service when they were likely doing it for a deceased relative, or a friend moving into a care home.